April 26, 2019

Use smooth, light signature.

The key phrase here is”massage for women.” Sensuality is about Assessing, stimulating, and teasing the senses. You are not there to perform targeted dense tissue to resolve chronic knee pain or even cure scoliosis. Your goal Is to bring every ounce of her focus to your own body and where the hands contact it.

Be innovative with pressure and intensity. The lighter And drawn out the movements, the further arousing the message will probably be. For those who Will Need to Get yourself a sense of the rhythm, pretend you’re massaging her in Slow motion, or like she is asleep and you are trying not to wake her up. Side note that if she does autumn

Asleep at any given point throughout the massage, that is ok. Don’t Take it personally or be offended. It merely means that she’s that relaxed, which is good.

Start with long, smooth full-palm strokes up her back and Her down arms. Use the swirl technique to maintain her nerve endings imagining (swirling your palms.

Around lightly within an unpredictable, nonlinear manner over the Whole body).

You’ll develop more considerable palpation skills with practice (palpation = noticing anxiety and problem areas with your fingers). When You Discover a tight spot, spend

Some time was producing repetitive, deeper moves. Choose one spot and slowly sink into it with a few firm fingers or even a gentle elbow. Be quiet Careful with this particular technique. It could be insanely satisfying And tension-busting, but also intense and debilitating. Go dense, and listen to her breath for

Cues as to how she is feeling moment to moment.


Sign in once in a while if the pressure is okay. Some parts Are likely to be more/less sensitive compared to many others, therefore that she will desire your signature to change accordingly. Ask Her when there are some areas which are calling out to her or him Yearning for longer attention.

This Won’t only exponentially enhance her satisfaction, but Also help you know what works and leave you feeling more confident overall that she’s with a

Great time.


Bear in Mind that the arc of this sensual massage is a Huge Tease from first feather-light touch onto the trunk to full manual stimulation of her lady parts.Don’t race. You wish to build tension and expectancy. Your progress, gloss over her breasts and beyond her thighs but do not stop and spend considerable time on

Her more obvious erogenous zones just yet.

Focus on the head, arms, neck, hands, thighs, buttocks, and Feet. Then possess her flip over and proceed further together with her belly, breasts, inner thighs, and finally.


It’s up to you where to proceed from that point. Sometimes it may be quite a Nice touch to keep sex off entirely from the dining table. Making the whole experience only about her retains This particular container of honoring and service more fully intact That may tend to make her feel extra special.

Merely remember to spend some time and tease. If it helps, keep A clock along with your phone within the perspective and draw the whole process out over one hour or so, at the least.

My Good Friend, Are Just What Is Right With The Universe

In case you are still reading this, then congratulations on being the Many amazing people a female could hope to be with. You’re a badass with a remarkable heart.


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