May 15, 2018

If you have read about BDSM, you must have known about forced feminization or forced dressing which is often known as sissification. Though, they both have a tiny bit of a difference.

What is forced feminization?

In forced feminization, the dominant partner (can be a woman or a man) will urge the submissive, who is a male, to wear woman clothes and in some instances even behave like one. If not obeyed the master or mistress, they are given punishments. Both ways, the intent is to make the sub experience humiliation which turns both the partners on.

People who are bold enough to try something new and spice up their sex lives will not mind bring up forced feminization.

Is it forced?

By the term, people might assume that the man is forced to dress up and against his will. But the truth is, yes he is, but he knows about it from the beginning and it rather came up after negotiations and agreement. Men do enjoy moving out of their usual gender role, give up the masculinity and pride for a few moments of pleasure.

The most important factor is communication. Partners need to be clear about what they are comfortable with and the things that are off-limits. Using a safe word in BDSM world is a common practice. So if one of the partners does not want to continue, in the middle of the act, they can call the safe word.

In overall, forced feminization of submissive men is more of a psychological ploy than a physical one. Being able to step out of the male model has a liberating effect. One is able to think like a human being instead of making decisions based on his gender. It also opens up the vulnerable side of him and helps him understand himself better.


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