May 3, 2019

Three-row Crossovers are Excellent for households who need a Minivan but do not desire to induce a minivan. They could seat up to eight individuals and haul a Lot of

Freight, however, also provide the excellent off road capability. The 2019 Honda Pilot and 2019 Toyota Highlander match this description perfectly, but that is best for

Our Rochester neighborhood car shoppers? Learn beneath.


The Honda pilot vs Toyota Highlander Experienced a Complete redesign in 2019, and also a Light refresh in 2019 updated its front and back ends. Today, it remains among the very.

Moderns three-row crossovers on the current market, since this segment Tends to proceed slower compared to more compact models. Concerning attributes, the 2019 Pilot ranges

From well-equipped with conventional 18 Inch wheels, LED Lighting, and tinted-glass to near-luxury having its discretionary 20-inch chrome wheels, leather upholstery, and

And rain sensing wipers.

Even the current-generation Toyota Highlander struck showrooms in That the 2014 model year with elegant styling and moved through a minimal refresh in 2019. Though It’s

More compared to the Pilot, the Toyota Highlander remains plenty Modern for many buyers, but its colossal distinction is that it seems like a popular SUV compared to Pilot.

Its outdoor gear is like the Pilots. Therefore it also Ranges from the well-equipped base version to near-luxury inside its Restricted trims.

The Highlander adds wrinkle using its sporty-looking SE trimming which features darkened chairs as well as wheels.

It concerns dimensions and The latter causes it to be longer off-road-friendly.

Advantage: 2019 Honda Pilot

Modern-looking layout

More extensive Human Anatomy to get longer roominess


Advantage: 20-19 Toyota Highlander

Timeless styling

SMaller and Better to park

More ground clearance


Indoors, the 2019 Honda Pilot boasts among their very contemporary Cottages from the three-row crossover the industry. Everything begins using a sporty dashboard with

Oriented climate controls which visually expand the cottage, and Has its septic transmission which produces it feel more spacious and airy.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander appears more conventional with its More vertical design which features more giant climate control knobs and squared HVAC vents. In

Terms of attributes, the Highlander includes a bigger 6.1-inch touchscreen.

With Regards to the available attributes, the Pilot and Highlander both provide plenty of premium features, such as 8-inch Touch-screens, navigation, and ventilated.

Chairs, and much more.

Advantage: 2019 Honda Pilot

More contemporary inside

Airy texture

Quieter cottage

More freight space

Spacier back chairs

Advantage: 2019 Toyota Highlander

Down-right lavish in its top extremities

Front seat legroom


Cross-overs, especially three-row Kinds, possess an assortment of Motors, which range from thrifty lookup motors to rumbling v eight choices. The 2019 Honda Pilot

Runs on the standard 3.5-liter v six engine with 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque to either zip it into 60-mpg in only over half an hour. It may also tow around

Five thousand pounds using the all-wheel driveway.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander Utilizes a Normal 2.7-liter four-cylinder Engine with 185 horsepower, but that’s merely accessible its own base LE trimming front wheel drive. The four-pot installation can tow only 1,500 lbs. Many 2019 Highlanders can include a 3.5-liter v six engine which cranks outside 295 horsepower and tows as much as 5,000 pounds. This power-train sprints that the 2019 Highlander to 60 mph in a decent seven minutes.

While crossover is a functioning machine, that the Highlander SE comes with a sport-tuned suspension which may tackle the twisties somewhat better.

Advantage: 2019 Honda Pilot

More conventional power

More sophisticated transmission alternative

Higher standard towing

Advantage: 2019 Toyota Highlander

More discretionary electricity

More reachable max towing.

Sporty-handling SE trimming

Characteristics and pricing

The 2019 Honda Pilot includes five trim levels — LX, EX, Ex L, Touring, also elite — and even their starting prices vary between $31,450* to $48,020*.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander includes six trim levels: LE, LE Plus, Their bottom prices vary between $31,530 to 45,750.


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