July 12, 2019

As recent industry trends, grocery stores in aspen colorado have been in their first stage. None the less, the outcomes of the majority of recent studies reveal exciting consequences for research. By way of instance, Gupta and Paul (20-16 ) noticed that OFD users from Eastern countries such as China or Malaysia concentrate over the chances these lenders offer seeing advantage and timesaving as an alternative of these usage prices. In Western nations such as Brazil or even England, OFD may also be over-growing, providing added comfort with their clients when combined with the comparative ease of access given by the ubiquity of mobile Internet devices (Pigatto et al., 20 17 ).

Scholars distinguished such programs within an invention of food or restaurants providers designed to maximize their validity (Yeo et al., 2017; Pigatto et al., 2017; Cavusoglu, 2012). This approach may be assessed by clients’ transactions volume and delivery time fulfillment, according to the typical traffic conditions that providers face. However, their potential use for OFD platforms remains unknown. Here we provide a procedure that illustrates their potential for new business models that rely on urban mobility to promote the use of OFD platforms.

Materials and method

We developed a procedure for retrieving key performance indicators of 1106 fast-food providers available at a Colombian OFD (https://domicilios.com/bogota). This platform allows providers to receive customer’s orders if they are within a radius of 6 km. By using an advanced web scraper named “Agency” (https://www.agenty.com/), we extracted the following indicators. First, we removed the cost of the delivery, which reflects the amount of money charged for dispatching the food from the provider to the customer. Second, we obtained the expected delivery time, which is the providers’ announced times to send their orders to their clients.

Third we have the minimum investment, and in other words, the minimum fee demanded providers to send their orders to the client. We collected the range of opinions that clients have enrolled for each provider. The number of views may be the most critical indicator of trades volume. This number, on no account, equals the entire quantity of clients who purchased an agency. But it shows the number of consumers who arranged some left and service a negative or positive comment concerning it. Therefore, the range of opinions will be fundamentally lower compared to the number of clients who left a trade with the food supplier. Nonetheless, it’s sensibly informative concerning the consumers who care for allowing different clients to understand their encounter with the food provider, which suggests a more conceptual suit with the notion of collaborative ingestion.


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