May 14, 2018

The Importance of Electric Heating

In the age where conventional sources of energy like coal, petroleum and natural gas are depleting at a very faster rate, electric heating and its applications serve as a boon to save the future of the present and upcoming generations. Electric Heating is the process of conversion of electrical energy into useful heat energy. The device which performs this activity is called an electric heater. The common applications include space heating, domestic cooking, water heating and a number of applications in the production of steam for the industrial purposes. Most of the modern electric heating use nichrome as an active element i.e. the heating element and enclosed within a ceramic insulator.

Electric Heating

Modes of electric heating

There are basically two modes of Electric Heating: –

  • Space Heating- Space heating is used to warm the interiors of a building i.e. in places where handling of air is quite difficult like in underground or very secured laboratories. Radiant heaters, fan heaters, convection heaters, storage heaters, domestic electrical underfloor heaters, the lighting system of large buildings and conventional heat pumps are some variants of heaters that work on the principle of space heating.
  • Liquid Heating- Liquid heating is used to heat and warm up the water for domestic and commercial uses. Domestic and industrial immersion heaters, circulation heaters and electrode heaters are the variants of heaters that work on the principle of electric heating.

Efficiency of heating

Electric Heating has much higher efficiency than conventional methods due to the reduction in majority of the losses and conversion of nearly all of the amount of electric energy supplied to the useful heat energy. It is also a cleaner source of energy.

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