July 5, 2019

Annual worldwide pharmacy in aspen co. Together, these reports are also referred to as quality related incidents (QREs). Large-scale investigation of Type D narratives in QRE stories across organizations has been a lost component of quality improvement programs.


To identify topics within the Elements of a planned Medication safety occasion framework found in the free-text narrative of QRE reports.


A retrospective, observational analysis of data in the PSOs Voluntary reporting system, on January 1, 2011, to December 31, 2014. The dataset contained structured and unstructured data elements. A structural issue model extracted themes from the free-text story part of the report. All these themes were assigned an individual tag and mapped on constructs of this medication safety event frame.


A total of 531,555 QREs were examined from 1660 pharmacies. 90.6% were near miss and unsafe state reports. You will find 40 topics generated. There have been 2-9 topics identified as QRE types, three were identified as contributing factors, and five were linked to signals/alerts that an incident or near miss had occurred. One topic each was identified as a restoration step and also a quality improvement plan. One problem wasn’t assigned a human label. Examples of issues labeled included incorrect tapering directions, needing to double-check work, and attention-related contributing element.


The free-text story supplied new information compared To the structured fields of the reports. Topics were mapped onto a planned Medication safety event framework to progress knowledge of drugs QREs and Identify approaches to increase medication safety in community pharmacy. Future work Can concentrate on communicating these issues to the pharmacies to improve medication Safety attempts.


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